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Retinal Physician "Controversies in Care" Articles


Colucciello M, Hopkins TB, Coyer M. "Controversies in Care":

Posterior-segment IOFB Treatment: Timing and Approach.

Retinal Physician  March 2013.   


Colucciello M, Gragoudas ES, Shields CL.  "Controversies in Care":

The Value of Systemic Evaluation for Patients with Choroidal Melanoma.  

Retinal Physician  May 2012.

Colucciello M, Kokame G, Duker J.  "Controversies in Care":

Does Surgery for Lamellar Macular Holes Offer Distinct Gains?  

Retinal Physician  April 2012.


Colucciello M, Vitale A, deSmet M.  "Controversies in Care": Pars Plana Vitrectomy for the

Induction of Drug-Free Remission in Uveitis?

 Retinal Physician  March 2012.

Colucciello M, Schmitz-Valckenberg S. “Controversies in Care”:

Fundus Autofluorescence Imaging: Illuminating valuable information?  

Retinal Physician January 2012.

Colucciello M, Antoszyk A, Scott I, Kovach J.   “Controversies in Care”:

Does “Tomographically Significant Macular Edema” exist?  

Retinal Physician October 2011.



Colucciello M, Campochiaro P, Jager R, et al.  “Controversies in Care”:

Comparing Ozurdex and Anti-VEGF for RVO.  Retinal Physician September 2011.



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The CATT’s Whiskers.  Retinal Physician July 2011.



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Microincisional Vitrectomy Surgery: Gauging the Best Approach. Retinal Physician June 2011.



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Clinical Vignettes in Retinal Vascular Disease and Macular Edema.  Retinal Physician April 2011. http://www.retinalphysician.com/articleviewer.aspx?articleID=105548


Colucciello M, Regillo C, Thompson J.  “Controversies in Care”:

“Treat and Extend” Dosing for Wet AMD: Optimal or Daring? Retinal Physician March 2011.



Colucciello M, D’Amico D, Tornambe P, Ryan E. “Controversies in Care”:

Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment Repair.  Retinal Physician January 2011.



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Retinal Physician November/December 2010; 7 (9): 22-24.   



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Retinal Physician September 2010; 7 (7).



Colucciello M, Dunaief J., Will D. "Controversies in Care": Avastin vs. Lucentis for treatment of Neovascular AMD.  

Retinal Physician July/August 2010; 7 (6): 17-21